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Every Beat of my Heart: The Sullivans (Wedding Novella)

By Bella Andre

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"Fan-freaking-tastic! Bella has hit another one out of the park, and has definitely taken the checkered flag with Every Beat of My Heart!" 5 stars

“You are cordially invited to a very special wedding…”

What do you get when two Sullivans pick the same wedding date? 
Two super-sexy grooms. 
Two beautiful brides. 
Two very unconventional (four-legged and furry) ring bearers. 
And Sullivans from around the word coming together to celebrate vows of forever with auto mogul Zach Sullivan and dog trainer Heather Linsey—and pro baseball star Ryan Sullivan and sculptor Vicki Bennett.

This is the double wedding millions of Sullivan fans have been waiting for...
EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART is part of Bella Andre's New York Times and USA Today #1 bestselling series about The Sullivans. If you are already a fan of the series, you will love getting to reconnect with all your favorite San Francisco and Seattle Sullivans. If you are just getting started, this is a great way to meet everyone—and you’ll likely enjoy reading the other books, too.

"Every Beat of My Heart is rich with the Sullivan siblings taking care of each other. [This] novella is full of surprises and makes me look forward to more from the Sullivans. LOVE IT!"

"Awesome! Love it! Can't wait for the next book."

"Even if you’ve never met the Sullivan family before, you will enjoy the great storytelling and the connections in Every Beart of My Heart. And I’ll bet you want to go get the rest of the stories – they are that good!"

"It was a great joy to reconnect to the Sullivans. Thank you Bella Andre for this surprise for your faithful fans. I look forward to many more hours of wonderful reading from your Sullivan family stories."

"True love revisited! Bella Andre you've nailed it once again. I have loved the Sullivan's from Book 1 and have never been disappointed. This beautiful Novella was like going home to the family I know and love, all the people I know so well from their stories and the introduction of a few new ones. Thank you for sharing this amazing story and I can't wait to read Suzanne's story."

"Absolutely love this book!"

"Awesome story! Once again, Bella Andre wrote another amazing Sullivan family story."

"Bella has done it again with her storytelling. She makes you laugh, cry and cheer to be a part of this wonderful family!"

"Such a beautiful story! The Sullivan's are one of my favorites! Thank you for the wedding story and a peek at how everyone is doing. I feel like I went to a family reunion of my favorite book characters. Simply wonderful!"

The Look of Love
From This Moment On
Can't Help Falling In Love
I Only Have Eyes For You
If You Were Mine
Let Me Be The One
Come A Little Bit Closer
Always On My Mind
Kissing Under The Mistletoe

One Perfect Night
The Way You Look Tonight
It Must Be Your Love
Just To Be With You
I Love How You Love Me
All I Ever Need Is You

Every Beat Of My Heart
Now That I’ve Found You
Since I Fell For You
Sweeter Than Ever
The Best Is Yet To Come
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
You Do Something To Me
Every Time We Fall In Love

Falling In Love All Over Again
Your Love Is Mine
There Goes My Heart
When You Kiss Me
More Maine Sullivans are coming soon!

As Long As I Have You
More London Sullivans are coming soon!

Breathless In Love
Reckless In Love
Fearless In Love
Irresistible In Love
Wild In Love
Captivating In Love
More Maverick Billionaires are coming soon!

Bella Andre's New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and she has sold more than 8 million books so far! Known for "sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been translated into ten languages. 50,000+ 5 star reviews on Goodreads!


  • Sullivan's redux

    By Maw1124
    This novella was okay, if not "phoned in." It was nice visiting the characters from San Francisco again. However, this reminded me as to why I stopped reading Bella Andre books. This story was more about mentioning every character in the Sullivan's series than about the two couples getting married. I kinda wish this had more substance and depth. Like I said, this was an okay little read, but I don't think I'll be visiting with the Sullivan's any longer.
  • Wedding of the Century...You Are Invited!

    By Debskm
    This was not just a fun double wedding, but an experience that was pure enjoyment and left me feeling as if I had been invited. Bella Andre has a way of telling great stories that always leaves the reader feeling as though the characters in the story are friends. Somehow she gives you the feeling of being a part of the story and not just reading it. I have read every one of the Sullivan stories and to read a novella with them all in one place was wonderful. Even though this was a quick read, I laughed and cried at the antics and the fears of all involved, both human and canine. If you have not read any of the Sullivan stories yet, I encourage you to read "Every Beat of My Heart". After reading, you will want to read them all and find out how they all came together for this wedding. For those that are followers of the Sullivans, this is a must read! I would like to thank the author for gifting me with a copy of "Every Beat of My Heart" and asking me for my honest opinion. This is mine. I loved it and was very happy to do so. 5 Stars!
  • Beautiful!

    By Cheryl Stork
    Beautifully written, short and sweet. In this wonderful story we have two of the Sullivan brothers planning to get married on the same day leaving a short few weeks to plan a double wedding. Lots of wonderful surprises are revealed! The whole family including all the cousins are in attendance. A special delivery during the reception has everyone doing more than dancing. Wonderful way to bring the family together well done Ms Andre.
  • This story is so good you will cry happy tears!

    By Blender2007
    This story is so good you will cry! I found myself laughing, crying and totally emersed in this wonderful family! Excellent addition to all things Sullivans! So many appearances from our favorite family members. You must buy this book! I read this in one evening, it's a "feel good", "catch up with an old friend" kind of story!!! #IWannaBeASullivan
  • Love the Sullivan's

    By wandagayle
    Love love this series and all of her books but the Sullivan's series is such a joy to read. You will not be disappointed with this story! A double wedding is so much fun!
  • Another Fantastic Sullivan Story!!

    By Evergreenbrdx
    If you haven't read about the Sullivan Family you are so missing out!! I don't like to give out too much of the story but the dogs during the wedding ceremony are too funny!!!
  • I want to be a guest!

    By KLowe1985
    Who would think that two separate couples would plan a wedding for only two weeks away at the same time?? Only in the Sullivan family! Heather and Zach (and Atlas and Cuddles) finally make it official, with some comedic relief from the two dogs. Zach and Vicki are able to make it down the aisle, with a little help from his teammates. I definitely wish I was one of the 300 invited to the wedding. The book is rich with the Sullivan siblings taking care of each other from Marcus, Sophie and Smith it is full of the love that exists between the whole family, including the married in siblings. You also get some peeks at the personality of the next generation of Sullivans. While this is only a novella (that I read as an audiobook) it is full of surprises and makes me look forward to more from the Sullivans! LOVE IT!
  • Loved it!

    By Mom2Mackids
    Weddings are difficult to plan, but add in two stubborn men for a double wedding and a fun family, let the good times begin! I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the Ryan and Zach, the comradery between Heather and Vicki, and the love and appreciation of one another in this book. The dog antics made me laugh out loud and the words from Mary as she welcomed both Heather and Vicki into their family made me cry. As with all her books, Bella Andre puts you through an emotional workout. Love, love, loved this story!
  • Fan-Freaking-Tastic Bella has done it again!!

    By Lelim
    FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! Bella has hit another one out of the park, and has definitely taken the checkered flag with Every Beat of My Heart!!! This was a wonderful surprise Ms. Andre sprung on her fans this week. The book is a continuation to the wonderful Sullivan series. But, this is also an update on two couples, Ryan Sullivan, a world series winning pitcher and sculptor Vicki Bennett from Let Me Be the One, Book 6 and auto shop Zach Sullivan and dog trainer Heather Linsey from If You Were Mine, Book 5. I flipped when I found out that Ms. Andre wrote and had recorded as a continuation to these two outstanding books. The book continues the story of these two couples and the planning of their weddings. These Sullivan’s can accomplish anything when they put their minds to it. A wedding in two, no wait, a double wedding! We also see how the Sullivan family is growing. I am not going to describe any more about the book and give anything away. Let us just say there are a few surprises in store for you when you read this book. Ms. Andre has continued her phenomenal story telling skills with this book. She drawls you into the story to the point you never want to leave. Kudos Ms. Andre on another killer book! I can always count on one of your books to take me away from the grind of life for a while. Ms. Andre released this book first to Audible, and will be released to eBook and print next month on August 9. Thank you for reading my review. Check out the Audible version, you will be happy you did.
  • It's like Coming Home

    By MelissaNY666
    I love the Sullivan from coast to coast. This Novella was I step in time to meet up with the Sullivan. Zachary and Ryan my to favorite story continue but so does the rest of the families stories.