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By Jana DeLeon

  • Genre: Women Sleuths, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers
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From New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the third book in the Shaye Archer thriller series.

Nine years ago, the police found Shaye Archer wandering in the French Quarter, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous fifteen years, not even her name. Now, at twenty-four, Shaye is a licensed private investigator, determined to get answers for her clients when the police can’t help. But her last case uncovered more than anyone anticipated, and pieces of Shaye’s missing past have surfaced with unexpected consequences.

She’s starting to remember.

Will Shaye unlock the secrets buried deep in her mind? And more importantly, can she handle the truth if she does?


  • Incredible!

    By Krowan98
    This was so good I couldn't put it down. Jana Deleon is brilliant and has done it again!
  • Excellent series

    By BKL/REL
    I read all three in the series and want more. Each book furthered the suspense and nurtured the reader's love for Shaye Archer.
  • Malevolent

    By Ty9203
    This is a great series, could not put down, read the three book series in 2 days.
  • Diabolical

    By Brownbush1
    I read all 3 books back to back they were so so I felt like I was watching a movie... Can't wait for the next one!,
  • WOW I am in awe

    By Byrdie105
    I have read all 3 in this series and I am in awe. I did not see the end coming. You think you have it figured out then it turned again. I hope that you continue with this series. Your stories just hold me, I have to make myself put it down. Thank you
  • Diabolical

    By JoLovesToReadYes
    This book, whew, I had to read it in stages. The story, the situations, were consuming! The Shaye series really takes the reader to places that can only be described as..downright creepy. I love Jana Deleon's books! Looking forward to the next Fortune book ;)... the levity of all the characters, the personalities, is entertaining!
  • Only disappointing in the details

    By Emmalees sun
    Okay I've spent three novels getting tidbits and clues of Shayes past. She remembers in the cellar, shoots the baddie, and goes on vacation? I needed some kind of psychotic break. Plus it seemed very cold that they left Elenore stateside and she's having a breakdown!
  • Diabolical

    By Pat13579
    Great read, the ending had a nice twist, never saw that coming. This series is one of her best.
  • Just like all the others

    By JenC8
    This book is just like all the others-AMAZING! I kept thinking I knew what was about to happen and I was wrong! I am such a huge fan of Jana Deleon. It makes my day when I get an email saying she has a new book out! Write faster!!! :)
  • Thrilling & Frightful

    By JBJ325
    Filled with twist and turns ending with a total shock!