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By Jana DeLeon

  • Genre: Women Sleuths, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers
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The fourth novel in the Shaye Archer series by New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon.

College studen t Tara Chatry is certain something bad has happened to her best friend Ethan Campbell. The smart, geeky student has disappeared, and when Tara tries to get the police involved, they dismiss her concerns, convinced Ethan is just another college student off on a bender. 

Shaye Archer hasn’t even been back in New Orleans for a full day when Tara knocks on her door, asking for help. Shaye isn’t prepared to jump back into her old job, but knows if she doesn’t help Tara, no one else will. As she works to find Ethan, she discovers that he’s not the only victim. A serial killer is at work, playing a deadly game, and Shaye rushes against the clock to save Ethan before it’s too late.


  • Awesome

    By Etc_Ga
    The Shaye Archer series is fantastic.
  • I love this series and this author!!!

    By Joico Lover
    I am not writing a review on Wicked, as I have not read it yet but I just finished Diabolical, the third book in the series and before I even read the fourth and most current one, I just wanted to give praise for Jana Deleon and her amazing writing skills! I am a huge fan of thriller/mystery/suspense/crime novels and I've read hundreds. So I consider myself a good judge for book reviews, especially in those genres. I was of course skeptical upon reading the first book in the Shaye Archer series simply because I had never read anything by this author before. And I felt she had big shoes to fill after so many jaw dropping books I've read. But after book one, I was hooked. I love Jana's writing style and I'm attached to the Shaye and Jackson story! Anyway, I just wanted to note this because for book worms like me, it's always exciting to find a new author that we love. I think it also speaks volumes that of all the reviews on this series, it got an average of 5 stars! Nobody has given her less than 4 stars. That says a lot! I've actually never seen that before. I've read the first three books in two days, and about to read the last one. I know I'm going to be itching for a follow up number 5 when I'm done!!
  • I am soooo hooked

    By Byrdie105
    I have enjoyed the whole series. So many twist and turns. I am Very glad Shaye and Jackson are finally getting close. Please keep writing them.
  • Awesome

    By Inuvik
    What a fantastic book! Of course I'm a huge fan. Always a nail biting book to the end; love it!
  • Fantastic!!!

    By JenC8
    Fantastic as always! My absolute favorite emails are when another book is out!