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A Rancher's Heart

By Vivian Arend

  • Genre: Western, Books, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction & Literature
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This cowboy has given up on love, but the new nanny might just make him change his mind. The first in a brand-new series from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.  

Caleb Stone is wearing too many hats and it’s making him crankier than usual. He’s a cowboy, a father, and the head of his large family—and has been since tragedy claimed his parents over ten years ago. The ranch is struggling, but it's the title of single dad that’s got him tangled up in knots. He needs a full-time, live-in nanny at the Silver Stone homestead in Heart Falls, Alberta, to help with his two little girls, but the woman about to arrive on his doorstep? Tantalizing, tempting, and trouble with capital T’s.
Tamara Coleman doesn’t regret the choices that led to losing her job, but she definitely needs a fresh start. When a friend recommends her for a nanny position in a new town, she swears this time it’ll be different. No more acting on impulse—except sexy, gruff Caleb is exactly the kind of man who pushes all her buttons. And what’s more, it’s so much fun to push his in return. Sparks fly between Tamara and her gorgeous boss, but she can’t risk her position, and he doesn’t dare risk his heart.
With two people fighting their true natures, something’s going to give. Luckily, there’s more than one way to capture a rancher’s heart


  • A Ranchers Heart

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    A good story. Caleb and his constant erections was a little unnecessary, and the sex was a little more graphic than needed. But to each his own.
  • What a great start to a new series!!

    By Debjean9598
    I loved it!! Caleb is a single dad that had been thru the ringer with many responsibilities, but his love for his adorable children & family is so enduring. And he needs helps on the home front for stability for his girls. Comes in Tamara as his live in nanny, has no problem stepping in since she was raised on a ranch and has no issues seeing the girls for who they are and what they need, with much patience and love. It’s no wonder that Caleb & Tamara’s attraction grew so quickly, but also fun to see them struggle with it to keep a handle on it for the girls sake, because they have endured enough hurt in their little lives. Wonderful read filled with laughter, love, and with its share of angst.
  • Second chance romance

    By DMPappas
    I love this book! She writes such great romances with terrific characters. I love Walker and Ivy plus hearing about all of the previous characters in her series. I feel like I’m part of their family. Vivian Arend is one of my favorite authors and I’m never disappointed. Can’t wait to read more of the Heart Falls series. I received an ARC for an honest review.
  • Lovely

    By ShanarspiperPurpleSea
    I’ve been looking forward this book since the Six pack saga concluded and I am very pleased! This Love story will get you hook from beginning to end. Can’t wait for the next book !
  • What a page turner

    By Tink8201
    Loved finely getting a whisky creek girls story. This story was sweet and funny and packed full of hotness. Can’t wait for the next one
  • Amazing story of finding love when you least expect it

    By Literary Misfit
    Tamara and Caleb's story will pull you in and make you fall in love. Caleb doesn't expect to love again - he wants to build stability for his daughters and help each of the siblings he's raised find their future and he wants to do well with his ranch. He doesn't expect to find himself tempted by the Nanny, but he does. Tamara has had enough of gossip and scandal, she's determined to make the best life she can working as the nanny for the Stones, but she doesn't expect to be sideswept by the connection she feels with her new boss. As Tamara grows closer to each of the members of the Stone family the attraction to Caleb also grows. She finds herself in a complicated situation-- does she follow her heart or does she stick to what her brain tells her. Get sucked into the story as Caleb and Tamara first fight their feelings as they try to find their way through them. Watch as Tamara helps the girls she's in charge of and learns the family dynamics all while eventually putting her heart on the line. A Rancher's Heart digs is deep into the new Heart Falls series, giving us glimpses of each of the members of the Stone family and sucking us into the blooming Love story between the Nanny and the hard rancher. This story will pull out your emotions as you learn what each of these people have gone through and what they have been left with, feel you heart mend as theirs do. Each of the characters adds something to the story and builds up curiosity to know more about them leaving me happily waiting for the next book in the series.
  • A Rancher's Heart

    By Dmauritzen
    Amazing read! I loved Celeb and Tamara are amazing characters. The story line was stunning. Couldn't stop reading. This is a great extension of the Coleman's . A most read ! 👍😀