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Change of Fortune

By Jana DeLeon

  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Books, Women Sleuths
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Sinful, Louisiana, is always a hotbed of activity, and despite the steamy heat, August is no exception. Godzilla is terrorizing the town, looking for a home-cooked meal, and Gertie is worried someone will take the gator out before she can get him under control. Francine has a situation of her own at the café, where food is missing from inventory. And Celia is always up to no good. 

But summer is almost over, which could mean huge changes for Fortune Redding. Her undercover time in Sinful has always been limited to three months, and that time is almost up. With Ahmad still on the loose, Fortune is forced to remain in hiding, but soon she’ll have to move to another town and start all over with a new identity. And that’s the last thing she wants to do. Determined to get her life back, Fortune decides to draw Ahmad out and end this once and for all. 

Can Fortune take down one of the most dangerous men in the world? And if she can, does she have a future in Sinful? 


  • Resolutions

    By math wizard
    The life in Sinful is going great for Sinful. She has friends and can’t seem to not get involved in local mysteries! But Fortune has reached the point where she is tied of hiding and wants to move on in her life. The end is finally near and lots of friends will help her in her resolution of the Ahmad problem. There are lots of surprises and twists in this book but you will enjoy this book as much as the others in the series. Follow Fortune and friends as they solve a mystery and help Fortune solve the bounty and hiding problem!
  • Change of fortune

    By pmbiii
    The best she ever wrote
  • Change of Fortune

    By JoLovesToReadYes
    Love all the Jana Deleon books but especially the Fortune stories! This was the 'finale' I have long waited for! Cannot wait for Fortunes civilian future to begin with Gertie and Ida Belle along for the ride!! Great characters, great story, again!
  • Wonderful read!

    By Krowan98
    No stress just pure entertainment.
  • Channge of Fortune

    By Streak - O - Lean
    This book was the “game changer” for Fortune Redding and her partners in crime. Packed with plenty of humor, action, and enough romance to keep the pages turning, it also leaves enough loose ends to make the reader keep checking for what’s "next in" the series. More than her other books, this one nags the reader not to walk away from it, and the climax grips his/her attention through the very last page. I can’t wait to see how DeLeon will turn the corner for the next book.
  • Fantastic!

    By WeMomma
    Fantastic book and series!!!! Love all the humor and mystery with a splash of romance. Can’t wait for Fortunes next chapter of life.
  • Change of Fortune

    By K Stef 2013
    The only thing wrong with this is.... it needs to be twice as long.
  • Great! A don’t miss read

    By Coloradogal
    As always Sinful,LA is great for laughs and drama! This one has more laughs than usual... again you will love Fortune, Gertie and Ida Belle....and love the way Fortune drives Carter crazy in more than one way! A don’t miss novel!
  • Change of Fortune

    By Hayestrent
    The Miss Fortune books are a delight to read and this one did not disappoint! The twists and turns and the outrageous situations had me laughing well into the night. Start with Louisiana Long Shot and read the series. You will be glad that you did.