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Wrong Side of Forty

By Jana DeLeon

  • Genre: Fiction & Literature, Books, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal
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New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon brings a humorous, paranormal women’s fiction tale. 

For many, midlife is only the beginning.

It was a day like any other day for Marina Trahan…until she caught her husband in bed with another woman. Before that eye-opening wake-up call, Marina would have described her life as average or uneventful, maybe even boring. But now, chaos and confusion reign supreme. She’d expected to slide through midlife with her unwanted extra pounds, chin hair, and hot flashes and move somewhat gracefully into elastic waist pants and having no verbal filter. But with a wayward husband, a high-maintenance daughter, a lackluster career, and a crazy mother all weighing her down, Marina is ready to wave the white flag of surrender. 

Then an intriguing stranger named Alexios shows up out of nowhere and insists she is descended from a goddess and is the only person who can save the world from certain destruction. She has roughly a week to do it. Solving a centuries-old mystery seems like a more interesting proposition than the other situations Marina is facing, so she accepts his challenge. But her search for a magical item of power reveals far more about Marina than she ever knew. Maybe enough to save the world. And even herself.


  • Super fun

    By chrisrenee77
    This book was fun and funny at the same time. A little bit of cheating, a little bit handsome stud, and a lot of magic. Loved this book.
  • Changes

    By math wizard
    We have a woman, Marina, who comes home from work to find her husband in bed with a much younger female in the nightgown she bought to seduce him in. We know all hell breaks lose and off she goes to her sister, Halycon’s house. After some drinking and pitying all hell is about to break loose again. Things get really interesting and you have a second chance for Marina and she will at some point seize it will both hands. The story keeps getting better with Gods and saving the world and fights, humor and romance! This book us well written and I hope there is another because Jana DeLeon has a way with words and this is an excellent story!
  • Fabulous

    By Inuvik
    Loved reading this book. Way to go women!!! Love their attitude. Funny and serious then funny and awesome!!! ❤️
  • Magic

    By Tgrrrrr
    More than anything else, this is a great story. It keeps on building the tension, the laughs and the protagonist’s inner growth. The primary characters are well defined with meaningful, and changing, relaionships. It’s magic.