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Rocky Mountain Forever

By Vivian Arend

  • Genre: Western, Books, Romance, Fiction & Literature, Contemporary
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A final return to the bestselling SIX PACK RANCH series by New York Times Bestselling Author Vivian Arend. While this book contains a stand-alone romance, it’s best read as a part of the series.
It’s never too late for love.
Years ago, Mark Coleman made the only possible choice and left Rocky Mountain House before he tore his family apart. When he hears the four clans—Six Pack, Whiskey Creek, Moonshine and Angel—are working together to create a memory book, Mark also discovers the one detail that finally triggers his return.
Because he’s not just coming back to the family. Now that Dana is free and ready to move on, Mark plans to give the only woman he’s ever loved all the devotion and happiness she deserves, no matter how much sweet-talking, or dirty talk,  it takes.
Meanwhile, when a shocking truth is shared with the oldest of the Six Pack sons, Blake Coleman begins a journey of assessment. Can he really fill his father’s boots and be the leader his generation turns to for guidance?
With lots of visits with all your favourite Colemans, this is a celebration of love and the lessons learned along the way.
Warning: this book is full of happily-ever-afters. Lots of I love yous, lots of babies, lots of laughter and happy tears. Pretty much, readers familiar with the series have a ton of feel-good hours of reading ahead. If you want angst—this isn’t it.


  • The Coleman Story

    By Montanafilly73
    What a lovely book. It brought all the characters from the past books to the present and what a wonderful story it made. I enjoyed every minute of reading it.
  • Loved it

    By Dee5258
    A wonderfully captivating story that ties up this series with a beautifully crafted bow. I have read and loved each book in this series. I requested that my library buy this series so others could enjoy them as much as I did - they agreed! It has been an honor to be able to feel like I have been a part of this beloved family. I’m sorry to see it end but it has been a joyful ride. I requested a copy of this book so I could provide an honest review.
  • Great to Return to the Colemans

    By BookGal1315
    I really loved the entire series. It had been a while since the last book, so I was a little rusty on all the couples but I enjoyed finishing it up with the missing Coleman Mark. This book had a little bit of everyone’s current story in it, so Mark and Dana’s story wasn’t as involved as I thought it would be, but over all a great read.
  • What a doozy of a finale

    By charlligirl
    t was such a treat to reconnect with all of the Coleman's in this book and to finally get Uncle Mark's book. The few glimpses we have gotten of him over the series left us wanting more and in this book we finally get the whole story. And what a doozy his story was. I love the idea of the memory book. The stories, the pictures, everything. Such a great way to say goodbye but hopefully not for forever.
  • Sense of family!

    By 12toot
    What a great way to catch up with all of the Coleman’s while a new love story, which was a long time in the making, begins. Mark and Dana aren’t your usual couple as they are older. It just goes to show you that love and sex aren’t just for the young. I enjoyed their story and the progression of their relationship. I will say that it might be confusing to someone who’s never read the previous Coleman books but it’s a huge “thank you” to all of us die hard fans. I would recommend reading all of the previous books, especially if you like ranchers and cowboys. You really get the sense of family and how each member is a key component in the family dynamic.
  • Rocky Mountain Forever

    By Dmauritzen
    I have been waiting for more of the colemans and was so excited when this book came out. In this story we contact with Mark and Dana. There journey is long and I am so happy they got there HEA. You get to reconnect with all the six pack ranch and family and learn new things and go over old ones. A great ending to a amazing and wonderful series. I will read it again and again.
  • Marks story

    By TownvilleTrooper
    This book was so emotional. I cried and laughed through the whole thing.Happy tears, and I read slowly knowing it is the conclusion to my favorite series.
  • Rocky Mountain Fever

    By DMPappas
    I LOVED this book! This book couldn’t be more perfect, you get to see glimpses of the lives of all of the Coleman’s plus get to read about Marks’s HEA. Mark’s’ life tugged at my heartstrings and I was so happy that he got to be part of his welcoming family once again. I can never get enough of the Colemans’! She is such a great writer than I feel like I’m part of the Coleman family and have a vested interest. I NEED to continue reading about their lives. Ms. Arend Never stop writing!
  • New adventures and sweet memories!

    By JFinCA
    This was such a lovely final book in the series. Plenty of visits with members of previous books and a few surprises along the way. I loved Dana and Mark’s because love amongst the older generation is an awesome thing; and two, doesn’t everyone want Dana to get her HEA? Thanks Vivian, I’ve enjoyed every book!
  • Perfection

    By Tink8201
    I’m so sad to see my favorite series end but it was done in the most amazing way. Not only to you finally get Uncle Mark’s story, oh and it’s good, but you get to hear about everyone of the Coleman clan. I laughed and cried. I felt like I was catching up with family reading this book. I hope the next generation speaks to you and one day we will read more about the Coleman clan. Thank you