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Fortune Funhouse

By Jana DeLeon

  • Genre: Women Sleuths, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers, Cozy
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Death is a roller coaster.

The traveling carnival has made its stop in Sinful and everyone is ready for thrilling rides, challenging games, and most importantly, funnel cake. But when a man is murdered in the funhouse and Emmaline LeBlanc is knocked unconscious so the killer can escape, the good times are over. Carter is beside himself wanting to hunt down the man responsible for putting his mother in the hospital, but he can’t investigate when he’s related to one of the victims. 

Palmer Reed was well known as a boy by most everyone in Sinful for being a sneak, a liar, and sometimes a thief. As an adult, he continued his reign of underachieving and mostly making people angry wherever he went. Now he’s a state police detective and is assigned to the case, but  Fortune knows that to get Carter the answers he needs, Swamp Team 3 has to take on the investigation. As they dig deep into the confusion and lies that surround the murder, they uncover a secret that could devastate Carter and Emmaline, but Fortune is determined to discover the truth…whatever that may be.  


  • 👍

    By hnbraswell
    Loved it!
  • Siblings

    By math wizard
    Fortune and friends go to the fair and fun begins. Fortune has a funnel cake addiction which she can’t seem to control, lol. Gertie on the other hand want to take her turn in a ride there. So before they can do much the action begins. The crazy lady, Celia, comes running out of the fun house and bonks her head on glass. Fortune and Ida Belle go inside to see what the problem and all the screaming is about. Inside they find Emmaline unconscious but they also find a dead body. Such excitement but it does not stop there because the mystery is not just who killed the man in the fun house but who is after Carter’s mom, Emmaline? Carter can’t investigate because of his connection to his mom and the state police are called in but he gives Fortune his permission to investigate. Well guess who gets involved the Herbert family and you know they will not stop until the case is solved! The fun parts involve Gertie and you gotta love the bird! The books in this series are awesome and this book is no different! I never laugh so much with all the surprises and twists kept me going. I look forward to to the next book in the series because the author writes an excellent book and I give it more than 10 stars for creativity, mystery, romance and humor!
  • This is fun

    By Inuvik
    I love all the shenanigans that they get up to. I loved that everything got so twisted and confusing just to be clear in the end. Then I go “Awe that’s what happened!” I love this Author and this series is my absolute favorite!
  • Southern humor at its best

    By lindaloulandrs
    I love this series. I like the bits of southern humor spread throughout the stories and the very interesting characters. Just need more books quicker.
  • Love!

    By N McSwain
    I love this series. ❤️❤️❤️
  • As always!

    By Courtney staton
    Enjoyable, laughable, fun! As always!
  • Jana done it again!

    By reehee1
    Another great read by Jana! Thank you for the laughs and keeping Sinful Louisiana alive for us all! Hands down my ALL time favorite author. ♥️
  • Swamp Team

    By ecsteemer
    Ms never disappoint! Thank you for all of your series. As an avid reader, you are only 1 of 4 authors I follow!
  • Jana has done it again!!

    By katrow98
    Jana did it again!! Her books just keep getting better!
  • Loved It !!

    By Heav77
    Love this book the whole series is great can’t wait for #20