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Frightfully Fortune

By Jana DeLeon

  • Genre: Women Sleuths, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers, Cozy
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Rest when you’re dead?

It’s time for the annual Halloween festival in Sinful, and Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie can’t wait to suit up and enjoy the food and activities. But when a dead man gallops through the park on a black stallion and slides to a decapitated stop right in front of Swamp Team 3, they know another festival is about to be turned on its head…so to speak.

Gil Forrest never won any popularity contests and his dramatic and somewhat horrifying ride isn’t going to improve his statistics. But since his body was supposed to be tucked away in a funeral home, no one could explain how it ended up on a horse in the middle of the festival. Everything about the set-up is strange and Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie suspect there is more to the Headless Horseman ride than just a tasteless prank. And they plan to find out what it is.


  • Halloween Revisited

    By math wizard
    I really enjoy all the Fortune mystery books. This book is just as good as the rest. It is a classic mystery with a Halloween theme. The past of a few people will come back to haunt them as Gil is killed but it turns out to be murder. The main trio get involved right off the bat but there is still humor with Celia which had me laughing really hard. But the glittering part is even better. Fortune is an excellent detective and her helpers liven up the book. The romance between her and Carter could use a little boost but they are quite the pair. I really like the way the books are written with clues for you to be a detective yourself. So read and enjoy this book and all the others in the series!

    By shanword
    Love ALL her books. Mystery, hijinx and lots of laughs. Just what I needed!
  • Enjoy! New characters introduced and lots of fun w/Fortune.

    By K Stef 2013
    If you are already one of Jana Deleon’s fans, you will love this one! Plenty of fun! Many of your favorite extras are back and Fortune’s circle of friends grow! If you are new, you owe it to yourself to go back to the beginning and enjoy every adventure, alligator encounter, town festival, Sunday banana pudding race and peek into Gertie’s purse!
  • Another great book!

    By ThePuzzleMisstress
    I love all the twist and turn and of course, Gertie.
  • Awesome again!

    By N McSwain
    I have read every Fortune series, their awesome, funny and by far the best mysteries I’ve read. Thanks J Deleon.
  • Absolutely loved it!!!

    By katrow98
    Another great read in a perfect series!!!
  • Way to go Jana

    By lilbit of trouble
    Another fun filled thriller! Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie are at it again! I couldn’t put my e reader down! The plot kept me wondering and I never could figure it out. The ending was a surprise for sure. The whole series is fun to read. I highly recommend the Fortune series to anyone with a taste for mystery, suspense and funny situations these three get into.
  • Excellence

    By Inuvik
    I love this series, it’s funny, yet maddening to find the killer. So it’s hard to put down. Like one of Gertie’s purses; it can be explosive with twists turns and laughable moments!
  • Always a fun read

    By mnmjar
    I have enjoyed every book in this series.